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  • Nebbia x Sequal Leggings 770 fra Nebbia Nebbia x Sequal Leggings 770 fra Nebbia
  • Nebbia x Sequal Leggings 770 fra Nebbia Nebbia x Sequal Leggings 770 fra Nebbia
  • Nebbia x Sequal Leggings 770 fra Nebbia Nebbia x Sequal Leggings 770 fra Nebbia

Nebbia x Sequal Leggings 770

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Nebbia x Sequal Leggings 770. A sporty, feminine and sexy pair of leggings that are also super comfortable and functional. Made in collaboration with Spanish company SEAQUALSEAQUAL™, these are constructed from recycled ocean plastic. Their scrunch butt effect will highlight the shape and roundness of your glutes.

  • Made from the fibers of recycled ocean plastic
  • Soft, comfortable and elastic material
  • Scrunch butt
  • 75% polyester, 25% elastan

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Pris: 449,00 kr

Special Price 179,59 kr

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Pris: 449,00 kr

Special Price 179,59 kr

Nebbia x SEAQUAL™ leggings

As part of their 2019 Fitness Meets Fashion collection, Nebbia has collaborated with Spanish SEAQUAL™ for a series of garments. Among these are the Nebbia x SEAQUAL™ leggings. A sporty pair of leggings, these are made from the fibers of recycled ocean plastic.

The material is very soft and comfortable, and also very elastic, making them the perfect pair of leggings for your workout. To highlight the shape of your glutes, these also have a scrunch butt effect on the back. To make sure they stay in place during physical activity, the waistband is made from elastic silicone rubber.

Design-wise, they come in a black base color that is met with contrasting white NEBBIA logo prints. These prints cover pretty much the entirety of the leggings. The Nebbia logo is also seen on the black waistband.

Additionally, these leggings match up perfectly with the Nebbia x SEAQUAL™ mini top.

Nebbia x SEAQUAL™ Collection

Every year, 12 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans. More than 90% of these plastic fragments end up falling to the bottom of the ocean, causing damage to our ecosystem and harming marine life. Spanish company SEAQUAL™ is working with fishermen, non-governmental communities and departments focusing on eliminating plastic waste in the oceans.

This very collection of garments is made of this very plastic. SEAQUAL™ has a special technique that processes waste PET bottles into flakes, which are then changed into 100% polyester fibers. These fibers can then be used in various ways, and since Nebbia wants you to be part of their fight for a cleaner world environment, they chose to produce sports- and fashion wear for you.

To make one pair of leggings, 8 plastic bottles are needed. This equals out to 200 grams of ocean plastic, which does not sound like much. If Nebbia carries on producing these ocean plastic-based pieces of sports- and fashionwear, they can have the entire area of Barcelona cleaned up in just six months! That sounds better, right?

By running this project, Nebbia aims to eliminate the waste products they produce and set a good example for the rest of the textile industry. Their long-term goal is to become one of the leading textile brands in recycling and minimizing waste. They simply want to treat our planet better.

Detaljeret Information:






75% polyester, 25% elastan

Vaske Anvisninger:

Wash at 30C With clothing of same color

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